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Il CEO di BlackRock crede che Bitcoin possa diventare una risorsa globale

Bitcoin potrebbe semplicemente diventare una risorsa globale. Questo secondo Larry Fink, il capo del più grande asset manager al mondo BlackRock. Durante una conversazione con l’ex governatore della Banca d’Inghilterra, Mark Carney, Fink ha menzionato che negli ultimi tempi Wall… Weiterlesen →

The DeFi Akropolis platform admits to being operated for $2 million

The Decentralized Finance Project Akropolis is the latest victim of a rapid loan attack Hackers have exploited Akropolis‘ economic pools and stolen more than $2 million in DAI. „At ~ 14: 36 GMT, we noticed a discrepancy Bitcoin Superstar in… Weiterlesen →

Bitcoin Price Takes a Step Backwards as Stock Market Plummets

The U.S. presidential election continues to shake the market, and today the leading crypto, BTC, experienced a slight setback. Today the price of the leading crypto, Immediate Edge, fell to USD 12,822 after the U.S. stock market was shaken. Presidential… Weiterlesen →

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