• ChainwireWinkles & Flam™ is a first-of-its-kind cartoon duo released exclusively on OpenSea Drops.
• The project was created by Oscar® nominated filmmaker Adam Benzine and BAFTA®winning illustrator Dele Nuga.
• Winkles & Flam combines original, hand-drawn art with weekly/seasonal releases and educational components.

Introducing ChainwireWinkles & Flam

ChainwireWinkles & Flam™ is the First Original Cartoon Duo of the web3 space, launching exclusively on OpenSea Drops. Canadian art collective Sphynx Ink Inc. comprises Oscar®-Nominated Filmmaker Adam Benzine (HBO’s Spectres of the Shoah) & BAFTA®-Winning Illustrator Dele Nuga (The BBC’s The Clangers). This ground breaking project will be unveiled on April 3rd, 2023 and feature high quality, hand drawn illustrations as well as weekly/seasonal releases.

A New Model for Digital Collectibles

This project marks a radical new model for Digital Collectibles, as it is neither PFP (Profile Picture) nor does it use generative elements. It also introduces the first cartoon duo of the web3 space known as ‘Cosplaying Canadian Kitties’ which are adorkable sibling Sphynx cats who dress up in homemade video game inspired outfits.

Mint Foundry from Mintplex Labs

The first season pass has gone on sale today (March 27th), limited to just 1,000 copies and guaranteeing buyers all 30 cards from Season 1. This is also the first major project to use Mintplex Lab’s cutting edge visual metadata editor called Mint Foundry which allows creators to edit and update information in real time without coding knowledge.

Creator Quotes

Winkles & Flam Creator Adam Benzine states: “It’s time for something fresh. The market has grown tired of low-quality rug pull pump n dumps and vaguely conceived cash grab metaverses”. Co Creator Dele Nuga adds: “We’re creating something that stands out from the current landscape – something that people can invest in long term”.


ChainwireWinkles & Flam marks a revolutionary change in digital collectables with its unique characters, narrative structure and quality content offering consumers an alternative to existing crypto art projects that have become stale or unreliable over time.