• MicroStrategy has enabled its Chairman, Michael Saylor’s corporate email to the Lightning Address protocol for Bitcoin.
• The move was met with enthusiasm from the crypto community and received public support from Saylor himself.
• The Lightning Network is a system of bidirectional payment channels that facilitates transactions off-chain, increasing transaction throughput and reducing congestion.

Microstrategy Integrates Corporate Email With Bitcoin

MicroStrategy has converted the corporate email of its Chairman, Michael Saylor, into a Bitcoin Lightning Network payment request identifier. This integration replaces traditional Bitcoin Lightning Network payment requests with web identifiers such as email addresses. The connection is facilitated by routing an identifier (such as Saylor’s corporate email address) through the protocol’s address signing and validation sequences. As a result of this move, numerous crypto enthusiasts sent 21 satoshis to the MicroStrategy chairman, which prompted him to make this unusual trend public through Twitter.

Positive Response From Crypto Community

The response from the crypto community was largely positive as many consider this move by MicroStrategy to be bullish for $BTC given its recent performance breakthroughs. Last year, Saylor confirmed that MicroStrategy was working on a Lightning product for enterprise applications and described it as “the internet of money” and a valuable technological investment.

The Basics Of The Lightning Network

The concept of the Lightning Network was first introduced in 2015 in a whitepaper titled “The Bitcoin Lightning Network: Scalable Off-Chain Instant Payments”. In summary, it outlines a system of bidirectional payment channels that can be created between users allowing them to conduct transactions off-chain without requiring blockchain confirmation or processing time; thereby reducing congestion while providing quicker transaction speeds at lower costs. Smart contracts are used to facilitate these types of transactions within these channels so funds can be sent easily without having to wait for blockchain verifications or confirmations every time.

Future Plans For Microstrategy

At this point in time, MicroStrategy has not released any official statement concerning their plans moving forward with regards to integrating more emails with their lightning network protocol nor have they clarified if this will be extended throughout their company or remain exclusive for their chairman only. However it has been noted and appreciated by many in the cryptocurrency space regardless given how much easier it makes it when sending payments over the lightning network using identifying web addresses instead of long strings of numbers and letters typically associated with regular bitcoin addresses .


In conclusion , MicroStrategy’s integration of Saylor’s corporate email into its lightning network protocol came as no surprise given his commitment towards furthering cryptocurrency adoption among corporations worldwide . Although there has yet to be any official announcement regarding future plans in expanding this service , it remains clear that his efforts have been welcomed amongst those partaking in digital asset trading .