• ChainwirezkLink announces the first “Dunkirk Test”, a new DeFi safety standard, on May 11-13.
• During the test, zkLink will shut down its servers for 72 hours, inviting users to try the emergency asset recovery feature and receive rewards.
• ZKEX.com will also take part in the test by shutting down access to its trading platform to demonstrate user asset ownership and control.

ChainwirezkLink Announces Dunkirk Test

ChainwirezkLink has announced the first “Dunkirk Test”, a new DeFi safety standard, set to take place from May 11th – 13th. The test will simulate a sudden shutdown of their infrastructure, allowing users to practice recovering their assets while earning rewards at the same time.

What is the Dunkirk Test?

The Dunkirk Test is an event designed by ChainwirezkLink as a way for crypto users to learn about asset recovery in case of an emergency shutdown of infrastructure or other unexpected events. During this 72 hour event, zkLink’s servers will be shut down and users who participate in trying out the emergency asset recovery feature will receive rewards for doing so.

ZKEX Joins In

ZKEX, one of zkLink’s ecosystem dApps, will also join in on the test by shutting down access to its trading platform during this period. This is intended to demonstrate that user assets are secure even if zkLink or ZKEX disappear suddenly due to unforeseen circumstances.

How Can I Participate?

In order to participate in the Dunkirk event, users should first join the campaign on Galxe.com and then trade on ZKEX’s testnet with free test tokens until May 10th–the day before the shutdown begins at 12pm Singapore time. From there they can go to a recovery node and withdraw their assets back into their wallets during the 72 hour window when zkLink’s servers are shut down for testing purposes only.

Mainnet Launch Soon After

After successfully completing this test period on May 13th, ChainwirezkLink plans on launching its mainnet soon afterwards sometime during summer 2023–hopefully setting a new benchmark for safety standards within crypto industry as well as providing peace of mind that user funds are always secure no matter what happens with zkLinks or ZKEXs infrastructure unexpectedly