• Tether (USDT) announced a $1.48 billion profit in Q1 2023 and plans to buy Bitcoin (BTC) regularly with 15% of net profits
• Tradecurve (TCRV), a new AI-specialized trading platform, is forecasted to surge 5,000% in the coming weeks
• Tradecurve provides users access to multiple markets, 500:1 leverage, low latency trades, and more with no KYC required

Tether Reports Record Profits

Tether (USDT) reported record profits in Q1 2023 of $1.48 billion and announced that it would be using 15% of its net profits to buy Bitcoin (BTC). This news was welcomed by traders as Tether has already added an impressive $1.5 billion worth of BTC to its reserves.

Tradecurve Forecasted for 5K Surge

Analysts have placed the spotlight on Tradecurve (TCRV), a new AI-specialized trading platform they believe will surge 5,000% in the coming weeks before its presale closes. The protocol brings together features from both decentralized and centralized platforms such as self-custody & anonymity, institutional-level liquidity, copy trading and more. Token ownership unlocks these features creating massive buy pressure for $TCRV leading analysts predicting rapid growth potential for investors.

Tradecurve’s Features

Tradecurve offers users access to multiple markets including forex, commodities stocks and cryptos from one interface along with 500:1 leverage, low latency trades and Proof of Reserves to ensure legitimacy. It also includes an integrated Metaverse Trading Academy and social trading features like copy trading which allows for greater democratization of financial markets for retail investors worldwide.

Tether Adding Bitcoin To Its Reserves

Tether initially launched in 2014 as the crypto market’s largest stablecoin ranked via market cap. As USDC depeg occurred this caused traders to rotate from USDC into Tether causing its success to grow further due to rising interest rates set by the FED. With billions now held under their belt they plan on adding even more BTC through regular buys using 15% of their net profits each quarter going forward.


Both Tether (USDT) and Tradecruve (TCRV) provide investment opportunities that could bring huge returns over time but remain speculative investments nonetheless so caution should be taken when investing any amount of money you cannot afford to lose or miss out on other opportunities because of it .